Pretty sure I was a big overachiever this past weekend. I made whole-wheat banana pecan muffins, corn tortillas from scratch, slow-cooker re-fried beans and homemade ricotta. But I seriously had so much fun– and it didn’t even feel like I spent that much time in the kitchen.

Last night I made fish tacos on homemade tortillas with lime/cilantro crema with a side of the slow-cooker re-fried beans…oh man was it good! Tonight I’m making whole-wheat linguini (regular for Jared) with zucchini, cherry tomatoes and fresh ricotta. And so far this week for breakfast I have had a banana nut muffin alongside a homemade vanilla latte (made with my new espresso machine and milk frother– more on that later) and I feel like I am completely spoiling myself. But everything is super healthy– just also super delicious. With a little weekend preparation, cutting out processed foods has been surprisingly easy!

All of my new recipes have been posted (expect for the ricotta– it’s good, but I’m not sure I have perfected it yet. It has more of a lemon-y taste than I was hoping for). I’m not sure if I will continue to be an “overachiever” or if this is just my new normal. To be honest I have been so excited about trying new recipes and have had so much fun with it that I think I will continue to make things from scratch. Or at least I hope so! Because making more things at home is really the key to eating clean.



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